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Professional Translation Services

Skillful translation takes into account grammar, writing style, intent, cultural nuances and genre. Legal documents differ dramatically from medical manuscripts or scientific text, which are distinctly different in style compared to children’s stories. Machine translations may do for technical text, but when you need to “converse” or “talk” to people, the skills required are entirely different. At ProDialect we understand this difference.

With over 15,000 qualified translators globally registered with us, we make sure a person native to the region and familiar with local customs and usages carries out the translation. For example, your French translations are delivered to you by our team in France or Spanish from Spain, and while all Indian languages from India. This we believe is our key to customer satisfaction.

Our excellence covers over a 150 languages and ensures what you want communicated is what is translated. Our credo is simple – “the message is the medium”. Whether you are in Canada or in Korea, you hear the same voice.

Our aim is to be the Company of choice in a wide range of subjects and language translation services. Be it a simple one word Tattoo translation for the enthusiast or managing complex website translations, engineering, technical, medical, legal, and business documents, our translation quality and service levels are impeccable. The list is just indicative. If you have marketing, advertising, press releases or educational material for translation, we are here to do it for you. No client is too small or too large for us. Our translation and allied services are geared to meet every requirement with the same level of quality assurance, accuracy and speed. No gaffes, no goof ups. Our job is to make your message is understood across today’s globe.

 Website Translation Services

Website Translation ServicesEnglish may be the most widely used business language in the world, but with the new found dominance of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries and the emergence of several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia...

Website Translation Services
 Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation ServicesTranslation of legal documents can be very complex as language is not the only criterion. ProDialect understands that legal translations and interpretation of legal terminologies, legal systems...

Legal Translation Services
 Medical Translation Services

Medical Translation ServicesMedical translation has become as important as medicine itself, as advances in medical science and pharmacology need constant exchange of information related to research, advances in the field and modern practices...

Medical Translation Services
 Technical Translation Services

Technical Translation ServicesThere is much more to technical translation services than just language. A professional translation can bring huge business benefits. If an engineer is needed for the job, that’s who we will assign to the job...

Technical Translation Services
 Tattoo Translation Services

Tattoo Translation ServicesWe know Tattoos have emotional connections and many a time, a Tattoo is also an impulse decision. Some old languages like Hebrew and Sanskrit have a charm of their own when worn as a Tattoo and languages...

Tattoo Translation Services
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