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Our Quality Practices

ProDialect’s experienced team of translators and project managers oversee each assignment. Workflows are prepared for each project depending on the nature and complexity and we believe that our work must add considerable value at every stage. We invest in the right technology and the right people in order that our clients get the best quality at the optimum costs.

The Three Way Advantage

Quality is built on a strong foundation that is based on an effective process that combines through preparation before the project, close monitoring during the localization and careful final and post-delivery. Your localization project is delivered to above Industry Standards, and we do this by making sure that every step is expertly laid out is in a manner that meshes with your timeframe and goals.

Projects, whether large or small, are subject to the Three-Way Advantage model so that no matter what type of project you have we can develop and adapt to meet the needs and constraints of your particular situation.

Our Three-Way Advantage provides you exactly that – the Advantage of a High-Quality localization product, whether written or oral. The advantage is created by implementing a comprehensive process that takes into account understanding the details of the project, creating the right plan and then a timely delivery and post-delivery support.

The major steps in our Three- Way Advantage work together and build on one another. Each step focuses on one segment, details all the sub-steps, and prepares for the next. The Quality Check step sets the stage, the Quality Control does exactly that – controls the project while in process, and the Quality Assurance step reviews the project before delivery and is there for support and feedback after the job is done. This step also prepares the Translation Memories for reuse when getting ready for the next project to enter the Quality Check stage.

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Step 1

Project Received From Client

This stage begins before the project even starts. We focus on understanding the specific elements – language pairs, intended readers, industry, deadlines and all the nuances that are the foundation to building a localization project of outstanding quality. For repeat clients, your projects has the advantage at the outset in that the Translation Memory and specific lessons from your previous projects are incorporated into this and other subsequent projects. All this help build and maintain the level of quality that you should come to expect.

Step 2

Project Assigned to Our Project Management Team


Our Project Management team uses the information developed in the first step to outline a customized project process. Part of that is assigning the appropriate linguist, setting milestones and deadlines and making sure that all information about the project is communicated, as no detail is too small when it comes to ensuring our linguist are enabled to provide a result of the quality you expect.

Step 3

Early Stage Testing


Once your project is initiated, our Project Manager verifies that all the criteria and components are lined up properly so that your project flows smoothly. Just as all steps are important, this one is especially crucial because it combines all the elements of the previous step and make sure that the information gathered and the linguists selected are producing a high-quality product.

Step 4

Midlevel Check


We continuously monitor your projects to ensure the milestones are continually being met, and at the milestone designated as the Midlevel, we perform a sanity check to confirm that all parameters of your project are met. This includes glossary, style, and technical elements are proceeding properly, and immediately implement any adjustments to make sure your project is delivered on time and of the quality level you expect. We also use this check to document anything particular to you and your project that will be useful on your next one.

Step 5

Pre-Delivery Check


Each project must meet a specific checklist of pre-delivery requirements to meet our standard of quality, and your Project Manager confirms with the linguists, proofreaders (for multiple review projects), and formatters to verify that all elements, notes, graphics, images and formats meet the agreed and required conditions. This provides you the advantage of knowing that when your project is delivered that it has been prepared to the detailed quality you expect – the first time.

Step 6

Post-Delivery Check


Shortly after your project is delivered, the Project Manager contacts you to review the project and solicit initial feedback. This helps identify any potential issues and we can quickly resolve them. Once your team has had a chance to approve the final version, your Translation Memory is updated and any additional comments regarding the project are noted. This provides a good foundation and a third Advantage when preparing for the next project.

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