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Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

The translation is done and the proofreading is in place. You now need experts in Desk Top Publishing services to recreate your document with the consistency, text, graphics and images across several languages. Sentences expand or contract when translated from language to another, so it’s not merely a question of formatting, but expert DTP work ensures that the integrity of design and layout are maintained. “Right to left” and non-English fonts require Desk Top Publishing Companies to specialize not only in translation, but also typesetting services in several languages. For example, simple book typesetting could be handled by traditional skills, while Arabic typesetting and typesetting of other complicated text requires digital typesetting skills of high competence. ProDialect has these skills at our command.

ProDialect’s multi-lingual desktop typesetting and publishing services enable you to publish your document or manuscript in any major language. We offer desktop publishing in over 50 languages and several publishing platforms and operating systems. ProDialect’s DTP teams are trained to work with HTML, InDesign, SGML, XML, Freehand, Illustrator, Flash, QuarkXPress, etc. We deliver the final manuscript in artwork form in final form ready for use for different applications like, presentations, print and other end uses.

Project management teams, proofreaders, DTP software and technology specialists ably support our translation teams. No assignment is too small or too large for us. Our clients keep coming back to us, because they appreciate our quality, speed of response and ability to work within tight delivery and cost parameters.

When we deliver a translation project to you, we ensure that text, drawings, graphics and illustrations are formatted to be in line with the source file.

Our review team will make sure that the final document matches the source material.

Contact ProDialect to find out how we can enhance the quality of your document output with our professional services.

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